Hello Couch Potatoes!

29 Aug

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Welcome to the Waited for DVD Review! The movie review blog for
procrastinators who skip the movie theaters and “wait for DVD.”

Maybe you’re like me and too cheap to shell out 20 bucks on a flick
when you can wait for DVD. Or maybe some movies just don’t grab you
until you hear word of mouth from friends when the DVD release rolls
around. Either way, these movies have been around and are far from
new. But I’m going to review them as I watch ‘em, and pass along my
opinion in case you’re looking for a good couch potato night in! I
don’t pretend to be Roger Ebert. I was a communication/film major in
college and just love watching movies in the comfort of my home and
later discussing with friends. Feel free to post comments, agree or
disagree. I love hearing others’ opinions. Enjoy!